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Safety & Emergency Management Training

FEMA Professional Development Series

IS-120.c - An Introduction to Exercises

IS-230.d - Fundamentals of Emergency Management

IS-235.c - Emergency Planning

IS-240.b - Leadership and Influence

IS-242.b - Effective Communication

Other FEMA Coursework

IS-524 - Continuity of Operations Planner Workshop

IS-29 - Public Information Officer Awareness

IS.5.a - An Introduction to Hazardous Materials

IS-200.HCa - Applying ICS to Healthcare Orgs.

National Fire Academy Coursework

NFA-R0035 - Administration of Public Assistance
for Community Recovery (Project Worksheets)

OSHA Coursework

  • OSHA Train the Trainer Course
    Healthcare Employee Safety and Health

  • OSHA Train the Trainer Course
    Long-term Care Worker Protection Program

  • OSHA 10H: General Industry Certification


  • Mid-Coast Hurricane and Disaster Conference

  • Safety and Readiness Virtual Summit

  • Texas Emergency Management Conference

Other Coursework

  • The Effect of Fires on People, Property, and the Environment
    (6-week online class)

  • Cause Mapping 1 - Effective Root Cause Analysis Workshop

  • Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Workshop

  • Coast Guard Houston/Galveston - Active Shooter Training

ICS/NIMS Completion

ICS-100 - Introduction to the Incident Command System

ICS-200 - ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

IS-700 - National Incident Management System, An Introduction

IS-800 - National Response Framework, An Introduction

ICS-300 - Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents

ICS-400 - Advanced ICS for Command General Staff

Infrastructure Protection Certification

AWR160 - WMD/Terrorism Awareness for Emergency Responders

AWR213 - Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Awareness

MGT310 - Jurisdictional Threat and Hazard Identification and
Risk Assessment (THIRA)

MGT315 - Critical Asset Risk Management

MGT414 - Advanced Critical Infrastructure Protection

Infrastructure Disaster Management Certification (working on)

MGT341 - Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare Orgs.
in Community Infrastructure

MGT343 - Disaster Management for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Cyber Security Coursework

AWR139 - Digital Forensics Basics

AWR168 - Cyber Law and White Collar Crime

AWR169 - Cyber Incident Analysis and Response

AWR174 - Cyber Ethics

AWR175 - Information Security for Everyone

AWR176 - Disaster Recovery for Information Systems

AWR177 - Information Risk Management

MGT452 - Physical and Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

NHI Best Practices in Cybersecurity Workshop

TEEX Coursework

XTN092 - Industrial Emergencies for
Municipal Based Responders - Phase 1

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