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1) Naturally inquisitive; willingness to learn new methods, procedures, and/or techniques; education sponge

2) Remarkable observation skills; aware that small details can have/make a big impact

3) High success rate at analyzing high-pressure situations and using out-of-the-box approaches to solve problems

4) Adaptable to ever-changing directions; use quick thinking in high-pressure/emergencies and crisis situations

5) Strong analytical- and critical-thinking skills, as well as common sense

6) Exceptional comprehension and retention ability; quick study; photographic memory

7) High EQ and self-awareness

8) Ability to achieve organizational goals using effective technical and managerial expertise

9) Real Colors Spectrum: equal Orange and Green (creative and analytical)

10) Gallup's Top 5 Strengths: Adaptability, Futuristic, Strategic, Command, and Activator

Soft Skills

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